Monday, September 17, 2012

Workout Playlist 10

Welcome, again, to another Monday Morning event! 

wow that was nice and never thought I could pull it off! hahaha I am in a very nice mood today, but I have no idea why. I am going to run some errands with my lovely mother and then I have this busy all-day classes. Hello 11 pm night. 

Here I leave you with my 5 go to songs for working out today! Enjoy <3

1) Back to December- Taylor Swift
2) Mama Do- Pixie Lott
3) I don't miss you at all- Selena Gomez
4) Stranger- Hilary Duff
5) Price Tag- Jessie J ft. B.o.B

Hilary Duff- Stranger Lyrics

Have a kick-bootay week!




  1. I LOVE that you're listening to Taylor Swift and Hilary Duff!!! Hilary is one of my all-time favorite stars.

    P.S. did u know your captcha is enabled?

    1. Hilary Duff is my all time favorite too! she is just true to herself in every aspect.

      it is? I haven't check that! I will now, that I have some free time :)

    2. she's just so wholesome... :) hope i can meet her someday.

    3. truee! it would be the best experience, if you do meet her, make sure to write about it! you have more chances than me, I live like waaaaay far from north america in little Peru hahaha


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