Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bookish bit.

I've been reading a lot lately, it's not just for university, but also for pleasure. I think the effect of not having one my favorite, if not all time favorite, tv show off air for so long, Gossip Girl, and the fact that this season is going to be it's last, is just making me go crazy. 

So crazy I've went, that I decided to read all bout in the series written by Cecily von Ziegesar. And so far, they are very much entertaining. Who doesn't love a good old gossip story from all the elite and their dirt? I'm 2 book in the series and read them for just 3 days. One of them was only 100 pages, or so, long. 

File:Gossip Girl 1.jpg

I will keep you updated with this new reading thing. But for this week it will have to wait, this week my midterms began and I have pretty much like hundreds and hundreds of pages to read, not in the pleasure side of course, but course wise. 

I hope you have a nice day! 



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