Friday, October 19, 2012

Healthy Recipe: Zucchinis Pizza Style

Lately my grandfather has taken a toll on cooking and he's been doing a great job. His European roots are flourishing I guess. So he has invented this really yummy healthy recipe and has our house-hold just going cray cray about it. My mom used to not like zucchinis but with this! it worked magic. 

It is a perfect lunch, and pretty easy to make too. It will only take a couple of minutes if you have to run out the door and want to have a properly served dish. 

Here is the Recipe: 


1 zucchini
1 tomato
Parmesan cheese (grated) or if you don't have Parmesan you can have some mozzarella. 
Butter (optional) 

How to make them: 

Cut the Zucchini in half. Set aside. Slice the tomatoes so that they are nice and even. Sprinkle the zucchini halves with some salt, pepper, and some grated mozzarella cheese and then put the tomato slices on top (you can also spread some of the butter on top of the zucchinis before sprinkling with salt, pepper and cheese) and then sprinkle with some oregano. That is is. Then put in the microwave for 15 minutes in medium power. If you have a high power microwave oven then reduce the time to half or until you see it done. 

And that is it! as simple as that you will have a nice lunch or dinner easily! I hope you try it and tell me what you think about it! 



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