Thursday, October 4, 2012

Midterm Blues: A cure.

When I am having a bad day of studying, or well an intense study day to say it better, hahaha, i always find myself getting really depressed and hating my life at the moment. Midterms can be stressful enough alone and to add up the whole lot of readings and summarizing to do, is just not pretty nor pleasant. That's why guys! let me tell you! Study way ahead so you're not suffering like me right now! 

Well enough with the rant. I came to speak of a cure, yes I am in deed a little expert on how to cure my blues. I just eat sweet things. I go on the hunt of candy, some gummy's work. If there is nothing at all in my house, which is rare, I stage some sweet diversion. For example, Yesterday I made a banana sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar and some blue berries, that I microwaved for like 30 seconds (just a rough count) and TADA! dessert was ready! It made my mood change and gave me some more energy to keep up and to be able to keep my eyes open longer. 

what is your way to cure any kind of blues? 



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