Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Midterms. Done.

Probably these are the most stressful exams I've took in my life...well maybe not, but they where really close to be THE ones. I had way too much to read. I will probably learn from this and read ahead and study each class by the date. If the midterms were this hard for me, I don't want to imagine just yet how the Finals are going to be. I learned my lesson, don't worry. 

Today, I wanted to talk about the bag that I have been carrying for midterms. It is the most pretty rosy, baby pink-ish huge bag. I know, you're probably (I feel I've repeated this word like a million times already) wondering, why on earth you carry that big of a bag for midterms? Well the answer is, because I had two tests every day, and inbetween them I had one or one and a half hours to review the concepts for the upcoming one. Some of the reading I had online, so I needed to get hold of them. Plus, I have this small notebook where I write my summaries and it is just perfect. 

I am a crazy girl, and love big bags even if I don't need to carry them. Plus, my bags are always heavy...who knows why...

Of course I had to have my hand sanitizer  with me!

It is so huge and I feel the picture does no justice to it. 

I've had it for 2 or 3 years now, and It's been worn so much. It already has some parts where it's peeling, I might have to retire her soon and take her to be renewed and taken care for. The brand is Navigata, I think you can get this brand only in Latin America, but I am not positive about it so don't take my word on it. It is so well made that  it is crazy the price I payed for it. I think it was like an equivalent of 30 US$ or less (plus it was on sale!) 

I hope you guys enjoyed knowing which bag I carried during my torture week! 

what bag do you carry? 



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