Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spring. How I've missed you!

Today is actually a day in which Spring is showing it's true colors. I like that very much (except when I go out bundled up in winter clothes and then the sun decides to come out!) and I have been waiting for the hotter days and brighter ones to start appearing so that I can change up my nail polish colors to ones more cheerful and bright. So yes..I did this and painted my nails a kind of coral-y pink nail polish from....can you guess??...*drum roll* Revlon, that is right. 

It is called "Kiss me Coral" and it is very pretty. It has very tiny micro glitter and is sort of a pink reflection. It has a holographic effect. I like it very much. Sorry for the picture, but it is the easiest way to take a quick snapshot (from the webcam!) I think I did captured the essence of the whole nail polish, you can see the coral and a little of the pink reflection. 

I have found that it is a little too sheer for my taste, that is why I tend to apply 3 coats of it so that the color turns out truer to what it looks like in the bottle.  

Sorry for the horrible cuticles and messed up fingers, I haven't been taking that much care of my nails this past days because, well you know, because of this! and now I am back at it. Besides, I tend to bite the sides of my nails when I get really nervous or anxious or stressed. 

That is how it looks like with  3 coats of nail polish on. I think it looks pretty and is very spring-y like. 

I hope you are having a nice day! 



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