Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Funday: October Decor

Today I thought that you might like to know how do I prepare for Halloween, actually I don't tend to do much decorations around the house, I feel like if I put too much of them, specially the scary ones, I would spook the people away and I don't like that. The one thing I do to get in the mood is decorate the one thing I see the most...My computer screen. I put some images reminding me that is a festive month and is just cheerful to think that some magic may happen through it!

As busy as I get with university, I love those little reminders to make me a little happy and less stressed. This is the current image I have on my desktop.

Isn't it a cute reminder? with the moon as the background, the witch's hat and broom next to some pumpkins and those scattered candies. It is just perfection for Halloween.

How do you decorate your place for this festive month?



actually, I don't remember where the picture is from, I just typed on google halloween wallpapers and a bunch appeared!

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