Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

only a couple of weeks till Christmas time and I haven't gotten my stuff ready! at home we are in such a dilemma because some of our ornaments are missing but we had done some box moving a while ago and maybe they have been misplaced and we need to look a little further for them.

With the turn of the events, I though a little of what I want for Christmas this year. Here is my Santa list.

Michael Kors Watch:

Michael Kors    Runway Time Teller Watch

These Stiletto Earrings:


Kate Spade Cobble Hill Andee:

cobble hill andee

Shoe Dispenser: (HEY a girl can dream right?)

A woman can dream..

This iPhone 5 case!

and I guess that is it for now, I haven't really gotten my iPhone yet but it's almost here!

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