Saturday, December 22, 2012


Today i have some news! I got, finally, my iPhone 5 and i am in love with it. That, was on friday, the rest of the days i have been a little crazy decorating the house and finishing up the christmas shopping! A little late I know, but being busy is just draibubg the energy out of my, i don't know what is up with decemvet that i seen to be busier than ever!

I might seem a little off with posting ñ, and I truly am sorry for it! Every little thing is just making me crazy and getting ready for the holidays and some parties and prepping is just too much for me :( i feel extra tired lately

Buy i really hope to finish up with everything and put up some posts for you guys cuz i miss it! It is an aspect that feels neglected and i just don't like that feeling

Right now i leave you with a picture of my small christmas tree that is in our family room

Hope you are all having fun and enjoyinh getting ready for the holidays!

PS. This was written someday during last week in my iPhone, but for some reason it didn't get posted till today. So the events happen a while ago! 
love you all!

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