Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013: So far, So good

To be the first month of the year, it has been pretty rewarding and challenging and stressful, but in the end so worth it! 

I have so many projects in line for this year that I love how all of them are shaping up. I just can't wait any longer for them to happen! 

When the time comes, I may be able to share them with you, and that's what I'm dying to do! I don't like to talk at all about the projects I have with no more people than just my parents and my grandparents. So in that way if it doesn't occur or something does not go as planned I don't have to give explanations and talk about what happened over and over. Privacy in those terms is really important to me. And when something good comes out of it, I love to share my experience and my ups and downs. 

As I was saying before, 2013 does look pretty good. I hope everything goes as planned and that well being and health and joy invade our homes. 

A little update of my life, my dad is undergoing a surgical procedure in a couple of days so I would really appreciate that you accompany our family with some prayers for everything to go better than great, it is a very delicate procedure and I am a ball of nerves, so as my mom. 

I love you all. 

ps. are you guys watching The Carrie Diaries? I am loving it! and House of Fab is pretty good too! (gottal love Kimora) 

picture from here

picture from here.

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