Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bad Boys and Women

Probably one of the most straight to the point lyrics of a song goes like this: 

"I knew you where trouble when you walked in" 

Yes, Taylor Swift gets it, but also finds it. (Too many relationships probz?) 

Who of us girls hasn't found a bad boy (those tattoo wearing, rocker complex, misbehaved boys that want to break every rule they might find on their way) too attractive and just fell for him? But what about the good boys? 

This is a topic one of my guy friends and I were discussing yesterday over a very chill afternoon. He said, every girl likes to get their hearts broken, why so masochistic?! 

All I had to say was, "Actually you've got a point there" Why on earth, us girls like to be on the edge? Is it the adrenaline, the excitement and the danger that makes us go coo-coo crazy over those bad boys?

I have quite an inner debate about good boy vs. bad boy. I like to be treated right, I like those 20's gentlemen that will court you, prepare your life and make it the best they can, but then realize that I don't live in the good old 1920's and that in our society, the vast majority of boys are not the ones that take their time to court a girl for months. They want everything ASAP, and maybe us girls want that too (just not many of us will take their time to know the boy) 

My friend is one of those good boys, but with a twist, he likes girls to think that he is a total womanizer, when in reality, he is terrified to sustain a proper conversation when he likes a girl (Sorry JP! you know I love you!) 

With good boys, there is no mystery, you know what they will do, you know how they behave, you know that they might do nothing to upset you and that their feelings are true to what they preach. So why not settle with that? Why try to go find a boy that will crush your heart, your dreams and even (sometimes) your dignity? 

Oh yes, because, We are masochists, not in the bad sense of the word, but in the oh-I-want-something-exciting-to-happen-this-time-not-settle-with-routine kind of way. Even if that doesn't make much sense at the time. 

But secretly, we all want a bad boy, but one who knows when to be a bad one and when to be a good one. 

We girls like our independence, but every once in a while we like someone who can protect us from adversity and then be like our childhood teddy-bears. 

So boys, we tend to be bi polar, but you guys can be worse. But worse is fine, worse is good when you know how to distinguish the different situations. 

What kind of boy do you like girls? or are in a constant inner debate like I am? 
Comment below and let me know :) 

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