Saturday, January 19, 2013

Moisturizing: smooth and nice

Moisturizing is super important for your skin, it is the food you give it in order to keep it nice, smooth and glow-y. After taking a shower or a bath, your skin loses some of the humidity it naturally has. Sometimes it depends on the environment that you find yourself at and dry weather makes it dryer if you have dry skin, or too oily of you are at a very humid place with oily skin. 

I try to focus on moisturizing my elbows, my knees and that joint between the length of your leg and your feet. Those are my really problematic areas, specially suffering from a lower degree psoriasis on those areas. It's been a while since I had that and I always needed some good moisturizers and thick ones too. 

The most generic one I can think of that has really worked is the Nivea Creme. 

It's formulation is thick and leaves a residue for a long time. I like to apply it at night before I go to bed because that is when all the nutrients and compounds can get better into the skin to repair it more effectively. 

For my face, I am faithful to Ponds, I haven't tried many of them but that one keeps my skin fresh and nice (breakout free also) 

How do you like to moisturize your skin? Which are your problem areas? Leave it in the comments below :) 

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