Saturday, March 2, 2013

A day in the Life: Working it

It's been a while since I posted something. I just wanted to say that I feel awful about that! I missed it so much!

Now that I am working at my internship, my time management has been a little off (read: a lot off). So my writing and my personal life have been compromised a little to try to juggle it all nicely and well done.

So today I will Share how my Day at work goes, and everything.

6:45 am My alarm goes off, I just knock it over and don't pay attention, about an hour later I realize I have to get up.
7:40 am Getting up, Choosing what to wear, getting ready. Have breakfast. All that I do in about 30 minutes.
8:10 am, I put my shoes on (note: I put them on just about time to get to work, because other wise my feet start hurting and I don't feel good)
8:15, Head out of the door and walk to get the bus. Good thing that I have a bus stop 3 blocks away from my house.

The ride takes between 20 to 30 minutes depending on traffic and how many stops the bus makes. Hello public transportation system in Peru. YOU.ARE.a.mess.

Then I get out of the bus, and have to walk between 5 or 6 blocks, I have never really counted them, to get to the office. That takes me about 5 or 10 minutes depending on the shoes.

Normally I get to the office about a couple of minutes before 9 o'clock.

9:00 am Get to the office, wait for someone to open and deactivate the alarm of the space we interns work at, luckily we are only two at the moment.

Then I turn on my computer, wait for it to booth for a couple minutes, and display all my stuff on my desk to see what I have to work on for the day. I normally work with research and databases, I have to confirm them and make a lot of phone calls, and when I say a lot, I mean piles and piles of sheets to go through. 

I stay at the office normally till lunch time, which is about 1 pm and the head home. I get there at about 2 because the buses get jammed packed at that time because everyone and their mothers get out of work to eat and to find a fairly empty bus, you are most definitely  going to wait for a while. 

I eat lunch with my lovely mother, rest for a bit and then start working again, sometimes doing the research is difficult and i can stay hours and hours trying to figure it out, and that is when my schedule gets a little puzzled out. 
Plus, my classes start mid March and my schedule is getting more packed! 

SOMEONE! please, help me? :)

I hope you enjoyed my day at the office, pretty boring I know, but that's how my days are coming to be a routine. 

I love you all, 

picture from here.

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