Wednesday, March 6, 2013


My days have been quite interesting. I have a lot of mood swings but they are quite good for me in some very, very weird ways. 

But now enough about me. I am feeling very proud. I will not mention the names of the people that are making me proud for some reasons. 

Friends, they are the most important part of our lives. With them you laugh, you cry, you do crazy stuff and never regret it. This is why I am proud. Because of my friends. The friends that are achieving great results from their paths and having fun while doing it. Because it is with passion that they come to the world of adulthood (as I like to call it) and face the challenges. Some have meltdowns, some just extreme joyfulness, but with every step of the way they are learning. With the challenges they face, the tears (may they be of joy or of stress) and the laughs, they all move forward, at their own speed and pace but they are all achieving their goals. 

Being students of medicine, film making, law, management, marketing, fashion, design, photography, you name it, seem to have different effects on each one. And it shows, as we have grown in to our own skin the way we each see the world is a unique and full-of-possibility universe. We all bring our experiences together and that is why we are part of a great friendship. 

As lost as we all may find ourselves in the way, friends make it all better and help to find that perspective we needed at a time. I love my friends, I love how they are growing in their skins, and maybe breaking through to be great at what they are doing. Struggling is part of the deal of making your way though life, but even greater is to overcome it and face it. 

What are you guys proud of today? 

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