Sunday, March 3, 2013

Technological minds

How broken heart-ed would you be if the love of your live just suddenly left you and took with it the hard work of your life and the passion you put on it? Well I have a clue. If your computer just stopped working, which happened to a friend of mine, the pain and the devastation will hit you hard and flat on the face and at the heart. 

In a computer we tend to put our lives and souls and hearts out and express them through writing, through photos, through music and everything possibly imaginable. To recover that after something happened to the computer in question, that will be just gone. Absolutely gone. Maybe for ever, maybe not, if you find the right person to recover them and depending on the damage it had left. 

So here is my point, why trust on a machine to take and care of your deepest feelings? I believe that before they existed people kept better track of what they had, everything on paper, if well stored, lasted a long time. It was much more personal too. The letters where actually more meaningful than just plain e-mails. A love letter was much more romantic. The other day I received a love e-mail. Which in the first place does not sound nice, and it definitely did not made the charm. Call me old schooled but I still believe that actual romance comes in hand-print and with a dozen red roses on the side. 

Putting everything in that computer makes you work more, you need backups, you need unlimited storing space, which is not even available at the moment (which, helloo! I need desperately) and going back to the personal thing, some things might get leaked, some may get hacked and it is not fun to get your personal life out and about in public. Not nice. 

Listening to my friend's case, really made me to start thinking how technology has taken over our lives and how impersonal everything is turning, instead of calling we just text, instead of visiting each other, we text some more, we have now facetime, skype and all of that.

It is true that it makes things more simple. And a lot faster, and makes distances feel like centimeters, but every now and then, we could all just unplug ourselves from that and keep a diary, call our friends, keep a photo album to keep our most cherished memories, go for lunch with the loved ones, take a walk with your pet, breath some fresh air. 

I certainly love spending time on the computer, but I also like to get some me time outside of it and enjoy a little my crafts and my writing (I do keep a journal, and a book where I can write whatever pops in my mind)  and my music. Playing the piano is so relaxing for me.

Wishing you all the best with all my love for you to enjoy a more simple life, i hope you enjoyed my little rant (not angry at all i must say). Tell me, what do you miss of the technology-esque free part of your life. Mostly for the people born in the early 90's and before.

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