Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week in review (March 11-17 2013)

I had a great weeks you guys!

I met with a lot of awesome people, help my bestie score dates with the guy she likes, had a BBQ with some of my friends from school, ate macaroons, had lunch and started classes at Uni. 

Photo: Great start of the semester,  macaroons <3
Green tea Macaroon <3

It is all a big circle, you meet and greet and wait and meet again and I am loving that there is still great people in my life to share it with. 

On Monday and Tuesday the routine was on going to work and then home. On Wednesday the journey began going to work, meeting with the bestie for lunch and help her decide her outfit for her date later that night and then home to change and go to class. I am seriously trying to figure out what is going to look like when my school work and actual work get to the crazy point. If you know what I mean. 

The week went by smoothly. On Friday I had the evening free and that is when some friends and I met up to prepare a good old BBQ to get reunited and have a little fun catching up and  eating. It all gets better with some food in the way (and alcohol too). 

loving our faces! 

Catching up with the friends is always a good way to relax. The next day I had a a nice evening with the family for my uncle's birthday. 
hii! there's me on the left! 
And today I had to go vote, wait in line for 40 minutes and then mark the sheet in 30 seconds. The longest wait ever. 

But all in all, it was a great week. I have had a really good time. 

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