Sunday, April 21, 2013


I think I might be doing too many things lately. I have been busy as hell with school and work and frankly, I have had zero time to spare. Midterms are coming my way. My job is taking interesting turns and my social life is just as a mess as it was a couple months ago.

So basically, I am complete mess once again. I am trying to work my hardest for things to work out smoothly. I am in the process of finishing my career and my classes and my credits to be able to graduate as planed and blogging has been left behind for all reasons mentioned above.

The only spare time I have is to take a little control over my personal life to clean my room (which is constantly messy) take care of my little one and be some kind of help for my mom to make the house somewhat organized. I have a lot to take on. I feel a huge weigh on my shoulders right now and I feel I am juggling very badly with 15 glass balls in the air and trying not to let any single one of them fall to the ground to break. That is how stressed I feel if you get what I am saying.

I took a day off yesterday. Did nothing all day. And I feel horrible about it. Now my work has packed up on me and need to do my best to catch up on it.

I don't like to leave my blog behind but sometimes life is just not helpful. I have to go now.

I hope you all are doing great! you can keep up with me a little via twitter and sometimes over at facebook

Twitter: @stephmejia
Facebook: SKMSblog

Love you all!

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