Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Factor: Shoes

Happy May! 

To be honest, I really like this month, it is the fact that the season are really starting to change and you can feel it at night with the cool wind and the chilly feeling you get. I am still waiting for it to be a lot more cold but I'll take that over supper hot summer days. Totally not a fan of hot days because I certainly don't know what other piece of clothing to take off and not be completely butt naked (as a figure of speech) 

With May comes the mark of the middle of the semester too. MIDTERMS month. just for the first week of it. not a fan in that matter but that means less time to go until middle year break. Yes here we do it differently. 

A couple days ago I went out for what seemed a long time since I went and have some drinks and have a nice time with my friends. Seriously. It was great to catch up and share some laughs. 

What I noticed. I spent too much time with very comfortable shoes and zero heels last month, which have caused a serious problem with my feet. I can't stand in heels for more than 3 hours without my toes hurting for being trapped in a shoe jail. 

That was it. I need a change. I want more heels than flats to wear almost regularly. I have now a fair share of flats. Almost too many. But (there is always a but) I need heel intervention so all my shoes are coming out for stroll in the city for work, university, you name it. 

May is going to be a good month. I can feel it. And my heels and I will love it. 

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