Saturday, May 25, 2013

Video Blogging

So vlogging is a thing now. Everybody and their mother is doing it. I am too shy to stand in front of a camera by myself and speak to it. It just makes me a little self conscious. I hate feeling that way. But when I am helping B to film and do her university projects, I am on! 

I have always loved acting. I once dreamed of becoming a mayor movie star! but something inside me was not so eager about it. I like my privacy. I wouldn't be able to do or say anything that immediately the media would turn the words over and make it a whole different think. Media is powerful, and they have great responsibilities. 

Going back to business, after my rambling of being a movie star, I would love to start vlogging, but something deep inside of me is scared. Scared of people saying things, having bad comments at the tip of their tongues. Which I have seen floating around the internet. I am the number one person against that people who are just plain mean to others.

Putting aside  the mean comments, there is also a great side that is pushing me towards that direction, which is the awesome community, people who are supporting and loving, such as the blogging community that is so warm and nice. 

I know I have blogged about video blogging a while ago, but never as deep as this post gets. 

I would like to know what do you think? do you vlog? if so leave me a link below! I would love to see it and don't feel so alone in this new "project". 

Love you all! 

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