Sunday, June 23, 2013

Painting... nails. I haven't done that in a week! i can't believe it from me.

I've had a hectic week. Like for real, crazy hectic week. University, work and life have been beasts on me. But I have a little time to breath and to pain my nails. Which i am so happy about! I don't like my nails to be naked. It makes me a lot more self conscious. I have the habit of not letting my nails rest, but I figured, as I have zero time to spare lately, that I prefer to have naked nails instead of chipped nails

But I finally painted them and I feel much better that way. It boosts my self esteem. I feel prettier, and (for a weird reason) healthier and happier. 

I hope you are having an awesome Sunday.

picture from here.

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