Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It feels like a perfect time and yes, it is my Birthday today! I am turning 22 years old. It feel surreal, i can't believe how fast time has flown by. In about a month or so I will begin my senior year of University, I am already working, my family is always great and supportive and I feel like I owe them everything that I am now. 

It is hard to try and foresee my future, but I will just let life take me along, and who would've thought that right at this moment it is going through so many changes. Those changes, that are sometime scary and overwhelming, make people grow. And that is what is going on. Growing to be a better person from everything that is going to happen that has already happened, those past experiences and should not weigh us down, instead they should make us stronger and willing to try new things and deal with everything. And if one fails, never stop, at one moment you will succeed and everything will be worth it. 

Now that I am 22, I look back at how much has happened and how much more mature I am, without loosing my true self. Yes I may know more about life, but I am still a helpless romantic, a little kid at heart too (I love cartoons, I love Disney, I love the Flintstones and I love ice-cream among other things).  

22 is going to be great, as much as 21 has been awesome. 

Lets go life, I'll follow you where ever you take me. 


Thank you for all your support and for following me on my rambles and my randomness. 

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