Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cronut Craze

I've been sitting in my very productive Saturday (seriously, a whole lot of cleaning and washing) relaxing for a little and scrolling down some of my favorite blogs. While at it, I noticed that some of them are just from people living in New York. Their post had flooded my blogloving account and last week or even longer, they all raved about one thing.



A pastry invented by a New York Baker called Dominique Ansel. They only sell them there in the bakery that goes under his own name. Please, can someone ship one of them to me here?! I am not that fond for doughnuts but one that is a hybrid with croissant dough, YES PLEASE!

I would love to taste one, or even make one if I find a recipe, of course they would not be the original but at least something's gotta give.

They say people wait in line for hours before they even open the bakery, to purchase a couple of these pastries (2 is the per person limit, WHAT?) I would definitely need more if they are as half as good as they state they are.

I am just day dreaming about them. If I try a recipe, I might blog about it and  tell you my experience.

For now I leave, but not without a croissant craving (cause I don't like doughnuts), but hope that those who live in NY, are enjoying this pastry for me <3

picture from here.

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