Monday, July 8, 2013

What's in my Purse?

I have never done a post like this, and it is one of my favorite things to watch over YouTube and some blogs. I love to see what other women carry around their purses and, to be honest, I like taking some ideas from there, people carry essentials that maybe some of us have never thought about, but are pretty obvious.

The purse I am carrying now, I found at a department store and it is pretty! I love the color. It is a beautiful strawberry red, with the side studding. A zip pocket as a flap, two short straps to carry it on the hook of your arm or even on the shoulder and also a longer strap for a long shoulder bag.

The first thing you notice is my hand sanitizer from bath and body works.

Time to take a look to the INSIDE! I don't have that much stuff, but the necessities that I believe are a must in my day to day.

It has a small zip pocket on the inside, which is very handy. There lives my headphones, my super cute pink polka-dotted mini hair brush, some band-aids and a lip balm. If I am wearing makeup any day, I would add my lipstick and a powder to touch up. But I normally don't wear makeup, I tend to go bare on the face (plus, at 7 am, it's a "mmm... maybe not" kindda thing" to save precious time for 5 more minutes in bed).

In the big compartment of the bag, I keep the essentials, my agenda, my wallet, some tissues, my University ID, my phone, and of course a calculator and a pencil pouch (the golden one).  

That is it for what is in my bag! this is what I carry on a normal basis, but it changes all the time!

have a great day!

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