Friday, August 9, 2013

App love: Kindle edition.

Today I will share another app that I am loving. And is one that can be downloaded to your pc, your laptop, your tablet and your phone with no need of buying the actual device. Amazon is just great for launching it. I am just smitten. 

It is the Kindle app. I downloaded it a couple months ago, but never got to (or had the time, really) to use it properly, exactly for what it was meant to be used. Reading books, that is. I am almost a week in for my first day of classes, but oh wow. I love it. I have downloaded a couple of books and I am already done with one of them and half way through the other, and as I have some free time, I just read, even on lunch break at work, when everyone is talking and enjoying the company, who is that girl sitting and staring at her phone's screen? Welp, it is me.I try to socialize too, I am not completely closed to my little reading world. 

It is just so practical because it syncs every device with your kindle cloud and if you stayed on a certain page in your tablet, and want to continue to read on your phone, it will give you the choice to keep reading the least advanced page, or go to the most advanced one. It is just like an awesome portable bookshelf! 

I suggest you go try it out, and if you are a book lover, i find it that you will fall as head over heels, and helplessly in love as I am. 

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