Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beneath the Glitter.

I purchased yesterday the book and I have already finished it. It was a fun, light and girly read. The plot line was nice, the type to make you forget your hard days and just breath in some light and sheer pink novel to make it all better.


 if you haven't read it and are looking forward to, don't, but if you don't want to read it or do want to but do not care people ruining the book for you, go ahead. 

it wasn't an all charged and complex plot line, but it did had it's moments where my throat will knot and my eyes would tear up when the fights showed up, and crack up when the jokes did. Yes, for me, it was good, for all the reasons mentioned and the fact that it made my day better. 

The dog, Popcorn, for me, was the most cute little persona they came up with, and that poor little kitty they had nameless pretty much for the entire book (and remained that way till the end of it). Elle and Blair said the book was loosely based on their lives, but I saw many resemblances on how they look on camera and interacting with each other, of course all of the other situations in the book may not be real, but the part where they are sisters is just so on paper and very much swear true to them. 

The way they portray the boy crazy thing and how they fall for guys, was so cute, specially being in LA and meeting the celebrity they had always had a crush on and making a reality to have a relationship with them. Also the heart break Sofia (the older sister) and how she didn't wanted her little sister Ava from going through the same things she did.

The melt down on their relationship almost at the end of the book had me caught on completely. They had the opportunity of their lives and seemed to have blown it all by just that. It was a complete embarrassment but made them work out their sisterly differences, which is always good at the end.

I was very intrigued by their friend MM. Yes, MM. Their friend Lily also was intriguing but I guess people all around the world are also very different and some may think that they were not normal in a very un-normal way  (i don't know if it is even a word, but feels right for the timing). But in general, their group of friends were kind of unique in their own ways, and sort of extravagant in their life choices.

If you want to know more about the book, and every detail and all, I suggest you go grab a copy if you feel like reading a young and light novel. About two sisters trying to make it ("make it or fake it" comes popping up in my mind now!) in LA to build their brand from scratch.

I don't really know about the style they used and how lengthy the words or accurate they were, but for me, it was an easy reading, one to help go from stress to relief. I am not a professional book critique, nor know half of what it takes to do so, but it is my honest opinion, and, as I said a lot in this post, I really liked it. Can't wait for the second part which is Where Beauty Lies to be released this Tuesday, August the 13th. I have already in pre-order at the amazon kindle store (YEYY).

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