Saturday, August 3, 2013

Surviving Finals

Yes, I survived and pretty much with awesome grades! I believe that hard work had lead to it and lead me to get an awesome internship where I am learning lots and lots of new things and being able to know more about what my major is all about.

So when that time of the semester arrives, we are all biting our nails and just hoping for the best to come out of it all.

I have blogged about this a few times already (because every time a semester wraps up, I am all about studying hard and making all the effort count) but I have never come so open to how I study. I have survived now 8 semesters already and with a pretty good method that works for me.

And now we begin!

1. Reading: This is a very important step, i just brows along what the topics are from the class that I am going to study. Then read the chapters, power point presentations and my notes to get the scoop of what is all about. It is not a very insightful reading, like deep reading and re-reading it all, but just to get an idea of all the important stuff. Probably at this point of the semester I already know the methodology my teachers have and which ones are the most precise with their questions and straight to the point than others. Now that I've done this step, I continue with Summarizing.

2. Summarizing: It is, if not, the crucial step for me in order to get all the points and topics ready to be understandable for my little show (I'll get to that later). I try to make everything more structured and in order so that I can understand it all. I don't summarize in my computer, I prefer to do so by hand and on paper, that way writing it all helps me to absorb some of the texts I have on hand to study.  If I write it all, then the chances are that some of it have stuck on my brain and is already having a little spot on my mind for me to remember it.

3. Talk it out: Finally, the last step in all of my final ritual (midterms too). Here I just read it out loud, and try to understand it fully, make an in depth reading of it all and just talk out loud the topics and every single word written in my summaries. Here is where I drive my mom or grandma crazy! I can't help it, I have to talk to someone about the things that I am processing and that way it gets fixed with me. If I don't talk it out, I would not understand is as much as if I was speaking my mind. And if something is pretty complex or complicated on text, talking to someone may be the solution to figure an easier way out and to unravel the unravable

That was my tips and tricks I use to study, it works for me for pretty much everything, every test and every major exam that comes my way.

I hope you find it useful and didactic!

How do you study? leave me a comment below so we get to share tips and tricks too!

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