Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What to pick? Beauty Sponges vs. Foundation Brushes

My mom is an avid sponge user for her foundation whenever she uses it. Always a little wet to blend in better the color and the liquid into her skin for a more flawless look. No streaks, no lines, no cake-y-ness. As the good teacher she is, she has passed along her knowledge and preferences down to me (I am her only child, and I am a girl, so what else could she ask for?! she got her the big price!) so I really truly prefer sponges. (this post makes me remember of sponge-bob squared pants lol)   

I have never used foundation brushes, I only own a few, just for eye shadows, blush and powder, for nothing else. I am in a battle, I would really like to use and try out one of them, just and only driven by curiosity. But there is also an issue, a difficult task, THERE ARE SO MANY! Stippling brushes, flat foundation brushes, kabuki brushes, ooohh I feel already overwhelmed. I kid you not, I am dizzy. 

I have been reading in many different blogs and watching tons and tons of YouTube videos on how to choose the right one, well, I have not decided on one yet, but I am getting close. 

One thing I could rescue from everything I read is that, it all depends on your preferences, some work best on liquid foundation, other with powder foundation and others with cream ones, it all depends. I will  keep you updated with the one that I went with and maybe do a review about it. Maybe I will just stay in love with my sponges and never like brushes, but who knows! I am going to keep thinking about it, give them a chance and get to you later. 

What do you use to apply your foundation? or How do you apply it? leave me a comment below and we will create a nice little conversation <3 

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