Thursday, September 26, 2013

Balance it out

I should be writing a lengthy paper right now. But I am not inspired. Period. I had a difference of opinion early in the day and it really made me think.

We are sometimes so involved in everything we do, call it work, classes, being in love, or whatever, that sometimes we just need to breath for a bit, and relax, even if it means 5 minutes to just have a blank mind and do nothing and just stare at the ceiling like it is the most amazing thing you've ever seen. Well, I am taking a break for about 10 minutes which is the amount of time I normally take to write a pretty random blog post like this, this one came out of the blue and I said, "Screw the paper! I will just write this and take a deep breath!" Since I have been neglecting you guys a little (read: more than usual) I wanted to communicate and free myself a bit.

Back to the point, finding balance is like a never ending decision making. Either you have one thing or another, let me illustrate you:

Either you sleep when you have the time, or you don't sleep and go hang out with people, if you hangout, then you don't sleep. Not a good combination for those who study, work and want to have a social active life. Then sleep is definitely compromised.

But sometimes no sleep is not good for your sanity, you'll end up treating everyone badly, and perform poorly in everything you do.

I have a post in mind to follow this one and it involves a very brilliant 31 year old entrepreneur, and you'll see what I am trying to say.

For now, I am wrapping up this ramble and let you be done with the torture of reading it hahah!

Have a great day

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  1. Seriously I love the simplicity but at the same time deepness of your thoughts. And yes, it's remarkable how life can drag you into a non-moving circle in which you only wake up, go to uni, do something else and never have the time to really enjoy what makes you feel complete. Anyways, that's life. Great post Stephanie! I love it.


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