Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Battery On

You know what is the thing that makes my day really bad? Having a dead phone and having no place to charge it. No wall, No computer, No car...
Between emails, texts, pictures, candy-crush and calls, my battery only last a few hours before I have to recharge it again. One thing is, that I am not always in an office or someplace with an outlet available for me to charge my phone. When I am at my office, I just take the cord and plug it in and it charges happily. Once it is ready, I am good to go then. 

So, this is my dilemma now. A couple day's ago I went to a fair, stayed there for hours, and was very careful not to use my phone so that it wont die on me whenever I needed it later. I was too stressed on that matter. That is why I need a solution. I am on the hunt of on-the-go chargers. That is my most recent dilemma. 

I will keep you updated if I find one that fits my needs! 

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