Saturday, October 5, 2013

Amazing Things going on.

For the past few weeks my mom and I embarked on a new life style. I know I've talked about how we were trying to be healthier before, but we failed every time. But this time is different. We have been very strict about it and we are loving it. So let me tell you about this whole new health path that crossed our ways. 

One day my lovely mother was surfing the web for some good diets because she was tired of those who would starve you to death and the second you had a cheat treat, that treat transformed into 1000 times more in your organism. She has struggled with the weight issue for half her life, and I have struggled with it for about all of my life. She put up on the kilos while she was pregnant with me and when she gave birth, she never managed to shook the extra weight off. So what ever she ate, I ate, and gained weight since a very young age. 

My mom had a stage where she would go to the gym and loose a little weight also would do a complementary diet, but that was only a "passage" on the journey, so as well as she did this, I ate the same thing, so I managed to loose some weight. My mom in her late teens to early twenties, was very thin, for her wedding she wore a princess fit dress and was stunning! (don't get me wrong, she is the most beautiful woman in the world) and she never has managed to get down to that weight after giving birth. At least she had her thin stage, I, on the other hand, have  never been thin. I was pretty overweight as a kid, but i can recall that one year, my mom got so worried, that she put me on this diet that was awesome! I never stopped eating the things I liked, but was very strict about sweets and carbs. I managed to loose the weight and kept it off to say I was a bigger girl but not an obese one. This all happened when I was 11 or 12 years old. 10 years ago! can you believe that? Well, moving on. 

I managed to keep that weight off but slowly gained it back, but not as awfully as it was. You could see me a little chubby. But as I grew older, my lifestyle and my habits (also because I was learning and searching more about health) started to change, of course I love sweets! so I couldn't manage to let them go (so far, I've been great about it! no sweets for me in the last 3 weeks!) so yeah, sweets, my heaven in hell. 

Fast forward a couple years and picture me in University. Yeah, I had horrible habits (but at the time I wrote some health tips...yeah...don't get me started on that matter) and I gained a LOT of weight! I hated it and then I changed my habits! I got to a point where I was over 70 kg! I WAS HORRIFIED! Because I had a little of a bad relationship with my balance I hadn't controlled my weight for several months! 

I had to do something. I started changing my habits again! So I dropped, in about 5 months, 9 kgs. Yes, I weighed 61 kilos, my minimum weight in a while, which it still is. I can't remember the time I weighed less than 60. (phew this is going to be lengthy post!) That was a great time, that may have happened in 2010-2011. 

You may be wondering what was my weight when I decided this life changing style? Well I was 67 kg! not quite as in 2010, but I definitely seemed overweight.

I know you are impatient! You want to know what this miracle is right? well...It is not a secret, it is actually something that has been going around for a while and had it's boost in 2011. It is the Dukan Diet.

Dr. Dukan is a french nutritionist who has a very straight point of view. I haven't read his books, but my mom has become this advocate of them! She knows everything that should be done, what to eat, what not to eat, how many times a day you can eat (which, by the all day! you never starve with this diet!). He cuts off every sweet thing there can be, except stevia or any other sweeteners that are not derivatives of actual sugar cane. You have to avoid fruits at all costs while you are on the stage of loosing weight. There are 3 stages. The first one to condition your body for the diet and kick start it. A second one where you will be loosing weight avoiding at all costs sweets, fats, carbs and fruits. You read it right...FRUITS! after you have reached your goal weight, then you have the stage where you need to keep the weight off slowly re-introducing certain foods to your diet, but always in moderation (in the books, he explains each phase with great tips and tricks) 

So this is what we are doing, we are changing our habits, we haven't had sweets nor breads nor nothing not allowed in the diet so far and my mom and I are seeing the incredible results! We are on to a great time where we will build up our confidence and feel great with ourselves! We are on a roll! 

This Tuesday we hit the 1 month mark, but we haven't even felt it to be that long! I still feel like it was yesterday we started on it. 

Yay for a healthier life style and yay for great moms who deserve to feel awesome to go accordingly to how they are! <3

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