Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kiss Kiss Baby Lips

I just got my hands on the Maybelline's Baby Lips for the first time. Things arrive pretty late where I live so yeah, that is another story. 

My first impression? Well I got the grape vine one, which does not have SPF, but I don't mind at all. It is purple, has a pretty case color and tastes amazing (I love grape flavored fanta FYI) so yes I am pretty happy with it. Once I put it on, it felt nice, made my lips instantly smooth but not as smooth as I expected it would. On the other hand, it says they start to show results after 4 weeks of use, so I will give them a try for a while and then tell you what I think of it. Maybe my opinion will change or maybe remain the same.  

Stay tuned to what it is to come of this new experience with this "new" (for me) product. 

Have a great start of your week! 

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