Sunday, April 27, 2014

Current Status: Stressed

For so long, and after being 2 months or so apart from the blogging world, I finally sat down, and decided to start writing even though I had no plan on doing so and therefore my rambles will be here on and on and on again.

My mood: Meeh
My hopes: underground
My dreams: semi-starstruck
My goals: on hands reach
My spirits: not so good
My motivation: needs improvement

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I have this strange urge to sit down and write my heart out in poems and in little verses and phrases. Maybe it is this mix of feelings overflowing my mind, that maybe my heart can handle but my brain is not prepared to. On Sunday I had a major break down, life is just not loving me right now, in every single aspect it tries to screw me over. I need some chill time. I will try to relax (but i think that there are waaay too many things on my plate right now that my mind is just not wanting to respond as it should).

Ramblings and rants stop here.

Almost fine now that I poured my frustrations here, things can get a little more cheerful, but not now, maybe from the next post onward.

Have a good day, I'll try to have one too.

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