Friday, May 16, 2014

Baby Lips #FAIL

A while ago I purchased a Maybelline's Baby Lips and said in a previous post that I would see how did it worked and if it was as miraculous as they preached it to be. They claimed that the product would soften the lips increasingly in a 4 weeks time if you used it consistently and religiously. I did this for the first...what...2 weeks, and noticed that my lips got softer at times but later on they got supper chapped and had to pile more of the product up in my lips for them to be soft again, and once the product was fading up, they become chapped again, this was starting to really annoy me exponentially and iIwas becoming moody and not about the topic. This crazy way of applying the product was, in my opinion, just a marketing strategy for people to keep on using it excessively so that they believed that the product was the one being miracolous, when in reality, it was making the lips more chapped and annoying. 

My final say about the baby lips? They are not good at all and I won't be repurchasing the product. I really like the other Maybelline products like their mascaras, their nail polishes and their eyeliners, but this one didn't matched up with my expectations and I felt dissapointed when the chap-iness started to occur. Instead of getting softer lips, I ended up  with super dry lips, a bad mood and a bad relationship with water (cause it was not helping with the dry-ness). 

Baby Lips score: 2 out of 10.

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