Saturday, May 17, 2014

Winter Love

I have the strangest of all relationships with weather I have ever seen or known of. I hate summer when it is too long and I just can't wait for winter to roll around so that I can take my big warm clothes (or buy new one) and layer them and just be cozy But when that time comes, were leaves are falling, the wind becomes chilly and skies are just completely clowd-packed. I just love it. And also, hate it. (I have trouble believing that I am a sane person for several reasons and then I realize that being normal is completely boring) It happens all over again, when it becomes too long, too freezing and too repetitive. To be honest, it just complicates my mind, my mood and my wardrobe! (I run out of combinations to put together in an outfit, but that aint all, it just makes me feel under the weather and my productivity lowers in about 10% which is not good). 

I have to say, right now I am loving the weather transition but is making me go bananas! But the clothes, oh the clothes. This has lead me to make an importante wardrobe change because of size reduction which is great for my ego, but not for my wallet. 

Hope you have a great time wherever you are and also that you don't hate/love the weather as I do. 

picture from here. 

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