Thursday, September 25, 2014

A poetical post

 What could be better than love? I feel that food is an important part. When combined, the results are just exquisite. And for all the pervs out there, no I don't mean any kinky stuff involving both. It is just that how a passion for something makes people do it better. When you cook for the ones you love or just because for fun and your own delight, it is a thousand times more fun, more delicious and it all comes together to become one.

"This is an ode to food. The one which we can't live without. 
That one single element were we can all pour our feelings on. 
If we are in love, we eat, we cook, we bake. We are one. 
If we are in dispair, we eat, we order takeout, we munch. 
And again, we are one. 

To love is to be loved, to eat is to be eaten. 
But don't miss interpretate this, we can be eaten
with kisses, with laughs and speacially with love. 

Every part of your soul shakes, it shakes to the very core. 
Sometimes in a second and sometimes it lasts. 
Sometimes you wish it was over, sometimes you don't want it to end. 
Every molecule combines, and only love is what is left behind. 

This is an ode to love. To the one we live for. 
That one single element so good, that we can only smile about. 
If we are in love, we sing, we dance, we eat and smile. 
If we are in dispair, we scream, we write, we sigh and cry. 

To love and to food. The most of life's pleasures."

I hope you enjoyed. It came from my soul. I used to write a lot of these once in a while. And a movie inspired me to let it show right now. 

Have a great day. 

Disclaimer: All the content showed in this post has been written by me, all opinions are my own. The piece between brakets was also written by me.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fashion Weeks 2014

All I have to say is that these times of the year are just awesome. I love that fashion around the world takes over and makes the best dressed people (some that you could only imagine living in magazines) step out in masses and be gathered for just one purpose, FASHION. 

Though this year it is different due to the loss of our beloved Fashion Guardian, Joan Rivers. A minute of silence please, to ease her soul. She was irreverent, had no problem on saying what was on top of ther mind and was not afraid of saying outloud what we were all thinking. 

Getting back on the Fashion note, I think that many just can't handle the fact that they are not experts (of course some are but not all) and there are various times that shows find this out, and make an awesome outcome out of it. Like Jimmy Kimmel for example with this Lie Witness News space in his show. 


This was amazing. Loved specially the new Chandler Bing designs LOL. Speakinf the 20 years since Friends. 

Fashion is a big inspiration for me, it takes creativity to another level and makes the person be who the person really is through personal expression. It forms character, it forms a strong sence of personality to each their own. 

I hope you are spending a nice saturday, and make the best out of it. I know I am. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Party Planning

My mom has gone plain crazy, but crazy with love and creativity, because she is planning a whole party and preparing and decorating the tables and the candy and all of the other things that come in to doing this. 

My moms' family side loves food as much as they love spending time together, and if it involves desserts, it is even better because the experience is a thousand times more gratificating than just having salty snacks. So we pretty much bond over food and all of my aunts are so talented and dedicated that we are used to catter major family gatherings. 

I just love how these kind of things make people smile. 

Candies are the best and through this I will tell you that I am still a little child at heart because I love everything sweet, gummies, candies, hard candies, soft candies, chocolate, jelly beans, lolly pops and all else that you could imagine. My mom decided to make a special table because of this. I can't say I am not happy, because I am really, really excited <3 

Here some of the inspiration behind the mind set of my mother: 

* All pictures shown above came all from pinterest <3

I hope you have a good day!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

25 years of love

On Monday September the 1st, my parents celebrated 25 years of marriage. There have been ups and downs as in every couple's life, but they know how to keep it together. 

As their only child I have come to know how to handle these two (trust me, it is not an easy task!!) and to learn to be a little more patient because in the end, they are the ones who brought me into this world (thank you) and be the person I am today.

It was a really special day where I baked a cake


Got to share the dinner table with these amazing people 

Drank a little (or a lot) of Champagne in this amazing Silver decorated glass


And in the end, we spent time together which is more than anyone can ask for at moments like this. 

Family is the most important part of my life, because they are the ones who keep me sane, who support me every step of the way, and this is just a little tribute to true love. 



Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wardrobe Upgrade

As a student, wearing comfortable clothes has been good, and getting to work in the same (but always cute) outfits is even better, until that one time where your boss comes to you and your student colleagues (see what is going on here?) and tells you all that you need to start dressing your part. Yes,  he had no trouble with it at all, but it is also something that is required in order to look professional and be more "mature" for what we have been doing around. 

The last couple of months have been really relaxed with me not studying any more (less than a month for graduation! yey!) which has made me realize that as a professional woman, I had to be on top of the game and started dressing appropriately. I had to go out and buy myself dress pants, blouses, shoes (because why not?) and some accessories to be prepared for the every day job activity. 

I went from dressing like this: 

Jeans, boots, and t-shirts (which was cute too) 

To dressing like this: 

Dress pants, blouses, coats and heels (not pictured well here)

Which has been pretty much a matter of getting used to it and trying to play with it so that it really looks young and fresh and age appropriate. 

It has been a good change, and I am definitely trying new styles and being more daring with all of it.

have you had to go through a major wardrobe upgrade at any moment in life just like mine??  

I hope you are doing great! until next time! 

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