Thursday, September 25, 2014

A poetical post

 What could be better than love? I feel that food is an important part. When combined, the results are just exquisite. And for all the pervs out there, no I don't mean any kinky stuff involving both. It is just that how a passion for something makes people do it better. When you cook for the ones you love or just because for fun and your own delight, it is a thousand times more fun, more delicious and it all comes together to become one.

"This is an ode to food. The one which we can't live without. 
That one single element were we can all pour our feelings on. 
If we are in love, we eat, we cook, we bake. We are one. 
If we are in dispair, we eat, we order takeout, we munch. 
And again, we are one. 

To love is to be loved, to eat is to be eaten. 
But don't miss interpretate this, we can be eaten
with kisses, with laughs and speacially with love. 

Every part of your soul shakes, it shakes to the very core. 
Sometimes in a second and sometimes it lasts. 
Sometimes you wish it was over, sometimes you don't want it to end. 
Every molecule combines, and only love is what is left behind. 

This is an ode to love. To the one we live for. 
That one single element so good, that we can only smile about. 
If we are in love, we sing, we dance, we eat and smile. 
If we are in dispair, we scream, we write, we sigh and cry. 

To love and to food. The most of life's pleasures."

I hope you enjoyed. It came from my soul. I used to write a lot of these once in a while. And a movie inspired me to let it show right now. 

Have a great day. 

Disclaimer: All the content showed in this post has been written by me, all opinions are my own. The piece between brakets was also written by me.

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