Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wardrobe Upgrade

As a student, wearing comfortable clothes has been good, and getting to work in the same (but always cute) outfits is even better, until that one time where your boss comes to you and your student colleagues (see what is going on here?) and tells you all that you need to start dressing your part. Yes,  he had no trouble with it at all, but it is also something that is required in order to look professional and be more "mature" for what we have been doing around. 

The last couple of months have been really relaxed with me not studying any more (less than a month for graduation! yey!) which has made me realize that as a professional woman, I had to be on top of the game and started dressing appropriately. I had to go out and buy myself dress pants, blouses, shoes (because why not?) and some accessories to be prepared for the every day job activity. 

I went from dressing like this: 

Jeans, boots, and t-shirts (which was cute too) 

To dressing like this: 

Dress pants, blouses, coats and heels (not pictured well here)

Which has been pretty much a matter of getting used to it and trying to play with it so that it really looks young and fresh and age appropriate. 

It has been a good change, and I am definitely trying new styles and being more daring with all of it.

have you had to go through a major wardrobe upgrade at any moment in life just like mine??  

I hope you are doing great! until next time! 

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