Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Dreams

As the 10th month of the year has come and almost gone, I have been as crazy as a bee in honey season. I have been slacking in my webson (web + person) status but my lifeson (life +  person)has been great and running. 

For me, since stepping into the real world as a full time job person has been a little exhausting but nice. We have a big event coming up in a few weeks and we are just crazy at the office with all the preparations. Most people would think that not having to go to class is a relief, but let me tell ain't a stroll at the beach but I am not complaining at all. It is more of a roller coaster ride where you have ups and downs and turns but nothing that one can't handle.  Which brings me to my next point. I have been doing a lot of planning. Planning, planning, planning a lot of different projects which demand a little research. This is a little survey for me to keep up with one of my projects, and I hope you find it interesting! 

Click here to get to the survey. I really appreaciate your support with it. 

And remember: 

Have a great day! 

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