Monday, February 23, 2015

A weekend to remember

I hope you had an amazing weekend ! Because i surely had one! 
My family gathered in the beach and we all went to a party inspired in the carnivals that go on in this months in some parts of the world. It was amazing, we had a good laugh, good drinks to accompany the moment and some more laughs.

We danced as if there was nothing stoping us or no-one watching us. Spending time with the family is amazing because you get to love them even more than before! 

Above a collage of photos from the party, i loved the decorations, the food was amazing and the dessert! Omg! And they had snow cones which i spiked up a bit with vodka... It was a great change! 

I had a lot of fun, my family was happy and i slept for good 12 hours between yesterday and today! I am ready for the week full of energy! I needed it. 

Hope your week starts on a good note and everything goes as you planned! 


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  1. Between a good friend from back home visiting and an excellent birthday brunch with some fab ladies my week is off to an excellent start! Looks like a ton of fun!

    Sunday Brunch


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