Thursday, February 26, 2015

Getting in a routine

It's been a while, like a whole year, since i've done any proper workouts. This time i have a goal, i want to look my best and try to make it worth it. 

So that is why, yesterday while watching  a friend and my date play soccer (football for you brits), i decided to go to the gym and pay up my month so that i have no more excuses to go and sweat my kg away and to shape up my body. 

And with this, shoping is a great excuse! Workout clothes? Yes please! 

I want it to be my routine, the one thing i cannot live without and want to be there in the gym in mu free time. Maybe in the mornings, or at night, any time i have to squeeze it in. 

So this is where i am going to make my commitment and work hard and be good with it. 

So i hope everything goes well! Wish me luck! 

Until the next time! 




  1. Good luck with this commitment! I too am trying to step back into my running shoes after putting it off since it's been so cold!

    Sunday Brunch

    1. Thank you ashley! It is a big deal for me right now ! I hope you get back to your running! Fight the cold like a warrior girl! It will be worthit later :)


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