Friday, February 13, 2015

News for me and you

Have you ever gotten news that are so amazing and so filled with emotions that are contradictory, at a time you just want to cry from anger or resentment and then just cry of happiness? it is crazy how some news can shake up your world and make you feel so much in so little time, that you are actually crying hysterically and you don't believe yourself for actually behaving that way.

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Well, that was me when someone I really love in my family gave me some news that were causing me colliding emotions. At first I was mad about everything, then I got to the shock sinking in and I went numb, i had no idea what to feel. Really. Then I got to talk to that member in my family and had to tell me everything in order for me to understand the situation and the way things are. That was the breaking point in which I started crying tears of joy and everyone around stared at me as if I was a crazy one. 
But let me tell you something... It was the best news i've gotten this year and we are starting it off right! 

Many, many, many things are on it's way and i can't wait to tell you all everything about it! 

This is going to give the blog a new spin as I grow older and start going through different experiences and confront new challenges. 

hope this is a good start of the weekend and that some of the news you receive don't shake up your world as much, and if rhey do? Just wait and see how amazing events might turn out to be! 

Have a great time! Enjoy 


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