Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's day 2015

Valentine's day has never been my favorite time of year, but this time around, still hasn't changed much. Is not because I don't like what it means and represents, but it is just that this time come up the hearts, oversized bears that occupy 90% of the bed, consumerism at it's best, and businesses trying to get all the attention for people to spend more money than they actually have for the "idea" that if you spend the most, you'll get more love and pamper your partner. 

In the end, Valentine's day is a special occasion to celebrate all the love you have around but most importantly, it shound't be just a day, love should be celebrated all the time. If you love someone, show them by the little things you can do, or say, or just don't say, just be there. 

Sometimes actions are worth more than words and have a major impact on the people you love than those expensive gifts that anyone could buy.

I am a helpless romantic. I tend to be in-love with love. I guess you all knew that already.

But enough said about the commercial part of the day and lets get to the love part of the day.

I had an amazing day with the people I care the most and at night I got a really awesome gift of half a dozen roses delivered by someone very very special for me who came in to my life as unexpected as rain in a draught. We went out dancing with a couple of friends and it was really great getting to spend time with him and actually, having him around makes everything better.

I will leave you here with a picture.

I hope you spent an amazing weekend. Cause I surely did. 

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