Thursday, March 5, 2015

Workout update: so far so good

It has been 2 days already. There is something about it that, on one hand i am sore and everythong hurts, muscles i had no idea that existed in my body hurt, i have no strength (at least not much right now), but on the other hand, it feels right, feels like a relax, to forget everything going on and just stop to concentrate in something else than all the things that hunt you.

Everything is better.

Today, I can say that I want to keep up with it. I am even buying more gym clothes to have variety and feel more confident when hitting my workout sessions. 

Lets talk about ZUMBA! Omg it is amazing. I don't really know why it is so much fun.. No wait.. I do know. Here is why. You get an instructure who is really active, moves around the mirrored classroom, is always jumping and telling you to keep it up! It is one of the best workouts out there and it so fun to be there. I am going back again on friday. And can't wait for it! 

After the hour of cardio moving my whole body, I get to my strength training always alternating one day legs and one day arms. Right now my whole body is stiff and muscles I had no idea I had in my anatomy hurt.

I will be doing some more posts about my journey and how it is all going.

Hoping you have a great day to achieve great things!

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