Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Reflections

It was a great year. 

A lot of important events happened. 

I will not write a lengthy post about it all. I just wanted to highlight how grateful I am for everything that has happened. 

New people came into my life, left a mark and then just left leaving a mark in my soul, teaching me to be always true to who I am, not to live up to some crazy expectations. I grew up. 

I grew up to realize that it is not bad to still like cartoons, believe in fairy tails, be a romantic in love with life, see the good when everyone else seems to be immerse in the darkness of turmoil and evil, have a soul of a kid, battle and fight for what one stands for, that some people are bad and some are good, and the bad try to disguise itself as good but evil always flourishes, that good people has their flaws which might seem as bad, not to judge too fast, not to trust so quickly and most importantly; Not to leave the ones you love behind. Never. 

Many of us might have just went through some rough patches during the year, but those rough patches are the ones who teach us the most. Always be grateful for what you have, the ones who are close to you and never take anything for granted. 

I have cried of joy, laughed nervously, screamed from frustration, broke down from fear, felt the knees weak because of love, sobbed from the soul because of loss and the list might go on and on. All I can say, just to wrap up this reflection, is to always know that you are the one who make things happen and that only you make the choices in your life, so it is in you to be the kind of person someone might want to look up to some day and be a good example.

Have an amazing 2016 everyone. I feel it will be a good one. 



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