Monday, December 7, 2015


I had been devating starting different projects, different ideas and different ways of doing business without investing much money to have an extra income besides my day job. 

After a while, etsy kept popping up in my screen, in youtube videos, in different media and I started browsing it. There were a lot of shops from people all over the world, who make a lot of different products and there look amazing. I began brainstorming about doing a sticker printable shop (I have up 2 listings already if you want to check them out here) which came up pretty natural to me, and decided to search for some clipart and drawings for free in different pages and found some pretty ones and started working with them.

After that, I have come up with pretty much ideas for that printable shop on etsy, like a 2016 planner, which I still need to figure out on it's completion and finish it for good and don't let it sit there and be out of date.

I will be posting it here when I finally get it up there so that you can check it out and give me your feedback. Maybe the first listing I can put it for free in order to see how it goes, but I will let you know what I finally decide.

I have had a lot of different projects in mind and out of them all, I found this fun and challenging for my imagination and my skills with the computer.

I don't know what is going on with me today but I can't write a single thing. Inspiration is not coming my way right now but I hope you are enjoying this. My writing skills on the weekends are a little limited. Don't judge me just jet. I have to write a lot during the weekdays that maybe my brain remains a little lagged when I have to actually do stuff which involves thinking on my rest days.

Any ways, the point of this post is to tell you that when ever you find a chance to do the things you find interesting and might get you an additional income, go ahead and venture for them, if you fail, have no worries, you can always try again until you succeed.

Have a great day!



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