Monday, December 14, 2015

Posting Schedule

Welcome back friends! 

Today I will write a quick little post to let you know my posting schedule for the blog so that you can know when to expect new content here.

Lately I have been trying to put up with some stuff and I figured that writing longer posts, talking to you guys is better than just posting quick ones with little effort and just some text and some images, therefore I have decided that my posts will be up every Monday, because it is the start of the week and I like starting my week with something I enjoy reading to let loose and don't think much in the stress I will face at work and in life in general. 

And on Thursdays I will be posting an additional entry just for the pleasure of talking to you because I have lots and lots of things to talk to you about which I have been learning all through the course of this year (and let me tell as been a LOT). 

In which ever case, you can just sit back and refresh your feed on those days, and be ready to read some bits of life, beauty, health, technology or anything that you can imagine. I will not say that each post will be up at exactly the same time but I will try to do my best about it. 

Have an amazing day! 



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