Saturday, December 19, 2015

Secret Santa at work

Let the Christmas celebrations begin! 

On Thursday we had a little gathering at the office to make our secret santa gift exchange and it was an amazing time. 

We had a lovely time sharing some treats and to show my appreciation for the people I work with and consider to be good friends, I baked some cupcakes and shared them with everyone. 

When the time came to begin our gift swap, we decided to describe our secret sneaky friend. And it was the most funny and interesting thing to hear. Everyone has such defined personalities that we did not wanted to make it so obvious to begin with, and trying to make it less obvious was such a hard thing to think about but all so creative. Putting creativity at work if you want to call it that (Pun intended). 

In the end. Everyone was happy and discovered who each of our Secret Santas were. 

Here a picture of my Secret Santa :D 

It is important to create good bonds with people. They all provide something to your life, either a feeling, a wise advise, some kind words or even just their good company. 

I hope you are having amazing times during this joyful moment. 



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