Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Best Gift

As you might have already read in my Black Friday haul (actually a whole weekend haul) I bought myself a 13" Macbook Air and it is the best purchase I have made in a while.

It is a pretty expensive gift to buy if you buy it here in Peru, but I went for it anyways because, to be honest, I don't like waiting (who does?) and after a pretty much 7 year in the want I just had to have it. 

Everything began with one of my friends at work wanting to sell her 2011 Macbook Air at a pretty good price. I was determined. I wanted to buy it from her. But still needed advice and just talk it out with someone who knows me even more than I know myself. My mother of course. So I called her and told her the deal and what was going on. She listened to me, allowed me to finish the rambling story I was telling her and just told me: "Are you sure you want to buy a second hand computer?" and that was it. Those words made me realize that I might be getting a computer cheaper but it involved a lot more than just the price.

Technology has evolved so much in the past 4 years, soon to be 5, that they have made many improvements and device and softer characteristic changes that is was better to invest and pay full price for something that might last me more time than the 2011 Macbook  which would only last a couple more years or not even that. It is not that I don't trust my friend's ability of taking  care of her things, but it makes sense that I would also want to spend the money in a new generation technology.

I have had windows computers all of my life, so adapting to the apple system has been quite a ride. Well, not that much because some people who surround me on the daily basis have Macbooks or iMacs and therefore I am not a complete stranger to the operating system. I had to get used the track pad and the different functions that the new OS X El Capitan can manage. I am still trying to get better at all the tricks a Macbook has but it is all a learning process. As time goes by I feel a lot more confident and prepared with it.

I mainly bought my mac to help me through my grad thesis, and to be my go to tool. In summary, I bought it to be my little incentive, so that it pushes me a little more and make all the effort worth it.

Now I am planning to buy a pretty handbag to carry it to classes. But maybe I will wait for that, because I want it to be another little special gift to go with it.

Have you bought yourself a pretty splurgy-gift as an incentive for something major happening in your life at any moment? Tell me in the comments below because I'd love to know!

I hope you are having a great week!



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