Thursday, December 3, 2015

Travel Destination: Panama - Part 1

After the baby shower crazy-ness, we could really concentrate in one thing. Our upcoming vacation to Panama. But take something into account...I had already packed :) 

In May, I decided it was time to find a vacation spot outside the country and really enjoy family time with the parents. They work so much, I wanted to treat them with something nice. But I did not find the right price for our holidays (hey, I am a junior analyst, I still don't make a ton of money to afford a nice vacation with a lot of luxuries) so I stopped searching. 

A couple of days later, my aunt sent me a message that said that her older son had found plane tickets to Panama for an amazing deal and she said that we should go with them. Them meaning my cousin, his girlfriend and my aunt. I called immediately. Of course. Got the number of the flight, the departure date, the return date and the flight times. Everything so that we could find spots to travel in the same flight and be all together.

So there we were, planning a baby shower, which took us a very long time to get together and to stay right in budget (of course we always go over it, but it is all worth it) and a trip at bay. We were some crazy ladies by that time and busy ones.

Fast forward after the baby shower and there were we, on our way to Panama City. the plain ride took about 3 hours and it was smooth.

When we arrived to the city, we were hit immediately by the heat. It was humid too because they have a tropical weather and ecosystem. Everywhere we looked there were trees and bushes and plants all over. My mom was thrilled because Lima is a desert and everything is dust and not much green. 

We had an amazing driver who took us to a place he loved for lunch and the food was very good and home-y and we knew right then why he loved it so much.

After we ate, with our full tummies, we walked back to our Hotel. We stayed at Hotel Principe, a small one but comfortable, with all the services necessary for sleeping and showering. It is a new building and it had a pool. Not bad in my opinion.

We took a little break to settle in and after that, we headed on our adventure to visit the Albrook Mall, One of the biggest malls I have ever been at. It is huge. We got in at 3 pm and left at 8 pm, and did not even got to shop all what we wanted. And visited just the 3rd part of the first floor of the mall.

There is a bus stop right outside the main entrance of the mall. Here you can't see actually the dimensions of it but you can get an idea. It also connects with the metro station so you have an easy access (we traveled on train the whole time. It was cheaper, therefore more money to spend while shopping).

Of course I had to take a picture of the ICEEs. Love.

The isles of the mall all had names of animals, from penguin to tiger all the way to koala (which was the newest part of the mall). My dad had an awesome time catching up with his friend the tiger.

The carousel. So. Pretty.

Sunset at the Albrook. 

This is the view from our Hotel in the city. loved the contrasts

We all had an amazing time. And let me tell you something. If you want to really get to know the Albrook mall entirely, you will need to spend good 3 full days. We didn't made it, because of course we wanted to get to know Panama more and got on an adventure some other days before we headed to the RIU Resort in Playa Blanca. 

For the Rest of our stay in the city we went to breakfast at a place I was craving so badly since I was doing my research: New York Bagles. 

An amazing breakfast for an amazing trip. 

We later head out to the Panama Canal and saw the crossing of the Ships in the Miraflores Locks. It was such an amazing experience and as I had studied International Business, it was a must if I was visiting the country which made it easier for international trade. 

I have noticed this blog post is extremely long and decided to make it a 2 part post. So in the next one to come...You can expect to see more of Panama City and the Casco Viejo area and a lot of Ocean and palmtree views.

Enjoy your day!



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