Monday, January 25, 2016


I hope you have a good start of the week. 

People are always telling everyone that, but sometimes, they might just be wrong.


Having a good start might not always be the motivation you need to get into your running shoes and kick start the week full of energy and inspiration to tackle everything you have on your plate. 

This past couple of weeks, some events have been happening around me that might not be the best ones ever, but surely, it is teaching me a lot in life and how I don't want to be and what it could be if things are done differently. 

To be driven you might not always be positive or happy, there are certain situations where you will not have the mood to be all that and just want to yell yo everyone and keep on moving. That, of course, comes from constant stress situations and very few hours of sleep. 

Being sleep deprived, for me, is a horrible experience. I get all cranky, upset, stressed and the worst thing...absentminded. Meaning I can't function well if sleep is the one thing my system is missing. 

But fortunatly, bad days only happen sometimes. And from them, you learn, you grow and you begin to create yourself. 

Make of the day the best you can. 

With love, 


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